Counselling Bristol: some useful contact numbers

When my Counselling Bristol Practice is full or you need to contact a different professional here’s some contacts:

Kerstin Pullin: Counselling in Bristol

Peter Lowis: Counselling & Psychotherapy in Bristol

Stephanie White: Counselling & Psychotherapy in Bristol


Tone Horwood: Counselling & Psychotherapy in Bristol

Karen Jones: Couples Counselling & Psychotherapy in Bristol:

Ruth Yudkin: Couples Counselling & Psychotherapy in Bristol:

Angela Markham: Couples Counselling & Psychotherapy in Bristol:

Mind the Mental Health Charity
Low Cost Counselling Bristol

Welcome to Bristol Mind

Wessex Counselling Services
Low Cost Counselling Bristol

Penny Brohn
Cancer Counselling Bristol

UKCP accredited Therapist register:

BACP accredited Therapist register:

CBT accredited Therapist register:


If you feel overwhelmed or suicidal contact:

Tel No:  0117 983 1000 or 08457 90 90 90.

Alternatively,  contact the emergency mental health team at the BRI.

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