How to achieve a positive mindset to help you achieve your goals and ambitions for 2018

Why is it no matter how much time most people are given, they often finish jobs or tasks at the last minute and are left feeling completely stressed out? • Why is it that very high wage earners end up broke? • Why do organisations get stuck firefighting? • Why … Continue reading

Mindfulness, emotional intelligence, focus, personal development and confidence building book recommendations

Struggling to entertain yourself whilst you are snowed in?   We live at a time when there are more self-help books on the market than any one person could hope to consume in a lifetime. But in today’s world, finding the time to read even one book, let alone a … Continue reading

Blue Monday-Mindfulness tips to beat stress, anxiety and depression

Aren’t Januarys tough sometimes? what with post Christmas blues and cold dark nights?   Back by popular demand, this video I created for my coaching business, You Revolution, shows how mindfulness can help you with Blue Monday. Mindfulness can also help you to reduce and overcome anger outbursts, stress, panic attacks, … Continue reading