Benefits of Online CBT and Counselling

Online CBT and counselling for emotional difficulties for emoti
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In response to Coronavirus (Covid-19), I am offering telephone, online counselling and CBT sessions via Zoom and WhatsApp.

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Online CBT and Counselling

The western world is in the grip of a stress, insomnia and burnout epidemic because of the fast paced, interconnected, time stressed society we live in. Everyone struggles or feels anxious at some point in their life, but for some people it can be an ongoing problem.

Fortunately, sharing your issues with a Counsellor or Psychotherapist in a safe, supportive, confidential environment can often help.

Online CBT and Counselling is about you: your concerns, and your wellbeing and is accessible via Skype, WhatsApp or Email.

We can talk about Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Mindfulness Teacher Karen Deeming, MA, Ad Dip, UKCP reg  and what clients say about her later.  But for now, let’s establish how you can benefit from affordable, confidential, expert, online CBT and counselling services.

Does any of this sound like you?

  • I want to feel more focused and less confused, lost and overwhelmed
  • I want to experience more of a sense of direction
  • I want to reduce my anxiety, loneliness and stress levels
  • I want to feel more confident and to tackle my low self esteem
  • I want to overcome panic attacks, feel less exhausted and more energised
  • I want to develop healthier sleep patterns and improve my overall health and well-being
  • Why can’t I just accept myself for who I am and stop comparing myself to other people

Then online CBT and counselling sessions may be very helpful for you. 

Research indicates that online CBT and counselling is hugely beneficial and equally effective as face to face counselling and therapy.

What is online CBT and Counselling?

Online CBT and Counselling is the provision of professional counselling services concerns via the Internet. Services are typically offered via email, skype and WhatsApp. Some clients use online counselling in conjunction with traditional counselling and therapy, and a growing number of our clients are using online counselling as a complete replacement to traditional office visits.

See the benefits of online counselling and CBT, some client testimonials and pricing options here:

You can book your appointment here or you can contact me on  (044) +7950 751352 for outside the UK or 07950 751352 inside the UK.  Alternatively  by email:
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