International Women’s Day – An inspirational radio interview for victims of stalking

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A true stalking story

I was in mid 20s and life was absolutely perfect, or so it seemed…. ………..

I had a huge circle of friends, an amazing social life, my own home and car and to put the icing on the cake, a handsome blonde haired, blue eyed boyfriend that was charismatic, adored by family and friends and most importantly could dance and cook which was very important to me in those days…

Little did I know about the horrific nightmare that lie ahead, and one that would haunt me and my family for years to come.

Following a series of unpleasant jealous outbursts and frequent displays of unhealthy psychopathic type behavior, I finally decided to leave this boyfriend who I shall refer to as “P”

This resulted in a relentless flow of phone calls from “P” over the next few weeks threatening to commit suicide if I did not “go back to him because no one would ever love me as much as he did” Nonetheless, I resisted my impulse to reunite with “P” because I realised that I would only be returning out of pity and not because I wanted to be with him…

This was difficult for “P” to accept so he left his well-paid job to stalk me. This lasted for at least six months. During this time, my life literally felt like it was no longer my own and I became increasingly terrified to leave the house because, whenever I did so, “P” would appear outside my car, my front door or my workplace from nowhere and follow me…..

As many victims of stalking will agree, this intimidating, obsessive behavior is one of the most distressing relational traumas as it is invasive, intrusive and the ultimate violation of a human being’s personal boundaries…

Radio Interview with Dream Corner

Thankfully I survived, and have now decided to share a radio interview with you describing how I overcame my stalking experience, in the hope that it will inspire other victims of stalking to put an end to this unacceptable form of domestic violence and mental assault !!!

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