Counselling Bristol: some useful contact numbers

Zoom and Whatsapp Coronavirus (Covid 19) Coronavirus (Covid 19) counselling

In response to Coronavirus (Covid-19), I am offering telephone, online counselling and CBT sessions via Zoom and WhatsApp at reduced rates.

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When my Counselling Bristol Practice is full or you need to contact a different professional here’s some contacts:

Kerstin Pullin: Counselling in Bristol for individuals

Peter Lowis: Counselling & Psychotherapy in Bristol for couples and individuals


Stephanie White: Counselling & Psychotherapy in Bristol for  individuals


Tone Horwood: Counselling & Psychotherapy in Bristol for couples and individuals

Karen Jones: Couples Counselling & Psychotherapy in Bristol:

Ruth Yudkin: Couples Counselling & Psychotherapy in Bristol:

Angela Markham: Couples Counselling & Psychotherapy in Bristol:

CBT Therapists

Andrew Grimmer CBT Therapist:

Paula Deshe CBT Therapist:

CBT specialists register:

CBT Bristol: An experienced cognitive therapy practice.

Mind the Mental Health Charity
Low Cost Counselling Bristol

Welcome to Bristol Mind

Wessex Counselling Services
Low Cost Counselling Bristol


Penny Brohn
Cancer Counselling Bristol

UKCP accredited Therapist register:

BACP accredited Therapist register:

CBT accredited Therapist register:


If you feel overwhelmed or suicidal contact:

Tel No:  0117 983 1000 or 08457 90 90 90.

Alternatively,  contact the emergency mental health team at the BRI.

You can book your appointment here or you can contact me on  (044) +7950 751352 for outside the UK or 07950 751352 inside the UK.  Alternatively  by email:

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