Sub personalities – the people inside us

  Identifying and working with subpersonalities to improve your decision making skills: So what is a subpersonality? Most of us have had the experience of being ‘taken over’ by a part of ourselves which we didn’t know was there. We say ‘I don’t know what got into me.’ Here are… Continue reading

Relationships are key theme for Mental Health Awareness week 2016

  With ever increasing pressures at work, home and in personal relationships, there are bound to be occasions when it seems difficult to balance the demands of everyday life. As our economy has often been going from boom to bust, what is becoming increasingly evident in today’s therapy consultation rooms… Continue reading

Mindfulness Tips and Benefits

  According to Oxford University Mindfulness Professors, thousands of peer-reviewed scientific papers prove that mindfulness enhances mental and physical wellbeing and reduces chronic pain. So if you want to reduce anxiety, stress, depression, exhaustion, physical pain, they all decrease with regular sessions of mindfulness exercises and meditations. Mindfulness Benefits  … Continue reading